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Electron Dash

Engage in the adventure in Electron Dash

Do you want to become an astronaut in Electron Dash? An exciting adventure in the space tunnel is waiting for you, so join it now and run as far as possible.

The universe hides many mysterious things. Play this game which gives you a chance to engage in a thrilling adventure in the universe. To go far in the universe, you need to run in the space tunnel which is endless. This tunnel is set up with many dangers such as laser beams, crumbling tiles, and giant leaps. The laser beams can kill you as soon as you touch them. The crumbling tiles are actually potential traps that will make you fall off the tunnel. The giant leaps are the most dangerous obstacles because they are everywhere in the tunnel and you can fall off them at any time. So, how to evade them? One way is to jump or move left or right to avoid hitting these hazards. Like other running games like Stickman Boost, this game also features a leaderboard. Your rank on this leaderboard will depend on your score. So, your goal is to run as far as possible in the tunnel to gain a high score.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump over the obstacles.

Suggested tips to beat Electron Dash

  • Collect the heart because it helps you revive after crashing into the obstacles.
  • You can run onto the crumbling tiles. However, you should run at a fast speed because the crumbling tiles will collapse right after you step on them.
  • Do not try to jump when you see the laser beams. Instead, you need to move to the left or right to evade these laser beams.
  • You should avoid sudden moves because they can make you fall into the giant leaps easily.