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G Switch 3

The race of robots in this game

G Switch 3 takes you to a world of machines where robots compete for speed. You transform into a robot and directly participate in this speed competition.

Special track

Set in the future machine world, everything will be different from our daily life. The track will also be designed in the air. With just one small mistake, your robot will be out of the race immediately. The void will sweep your character away. In addition, deadly traps are also installed on the track. Just one touch, your character will probably be destroyed into many pieces. The track is created from iron rods of different lengths. Their positions can be opposite each other or a certain distance apart. Always make sure your robot moves on these iron bars.

The ability of robots in the race

Under the robot's feet there is a magnet. This helps it to be able to grip and move on iron bars. Your robot can even run on opposite iron bars. You just need to skillfully control it to choose the appropriate road segments. This ability is not unique as the opponent can do the same thing. Agility is essential in this game.

Keep your character safe in G Switch 3

This race will contain thousands of dangers that you will encounter. Character safety is most important. You cannot pass levels or move far when the character is destroyed.

Avoid obstacles

Sharp gears are spinning. They can crush anything. If your character falls here, he will die. Avoid these gears at all costs. You can move to a new road to avoid them. The robot's fast movement speed can make it difficult to avoid obstacles. You just need to practice to train your reactions.

Move on the iron bars

The iron bars are a safe location for the characters. However, they are placed in random positions, making the race more intense. Always locate the safe bars to jump on them. You don't have too much time to plan perfectly. Be quick to react and solve problems in every situation.

Modes in G Switch 3

Coming to this game, you will experience 3 main modes including level, endless and multiplayer modes. You will control a robot to pass through doors in level mode. Each door you pass counts as a level. If you want to challenge your limits, you can try endless mode. You will participate in a race with no ending point in this game. Finally, you can invite up to 7 more friends to see who gets to the finish line first. If you just want to play 2 player mode, you can try Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple.

Game control: use the mouse to play this game. You can follow the guide of the game to know how to control in multiplayer mode.