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Geometry Dash Breeze

Exciting journeys in Geometry Dash Breeze

Dive into new adventures in Geometry Dash Breeze to explore many wonderful things now. Watch out for obstacles and monsters because they will hurt you.

This is the new fan-made version of Geometry Dash Lite. The speed of this game can rival other Geometry Dash versions. However, its gameplay is still kept. You also need to play as a square character and join the journey to discover many mysterious lands. These lands are famous for many dangers that can kill any invader. Therefore, if you want to be safe on the journey in these lands, you must jump skillfully or fly up or down. This requires your quick reflexes and sharp eyes. You must identify the positions of all obstacles along the way and evade them. Additionally, the adventure has not only dangers but also interesting things such as various portals, jump rings, and jump pads. The portals are classified into three types which are speed portals, form portals, and gravity portals. When you go through the speed portals, your running or flying speed will accelerate or decelerate. If you go through the gravity portals, your gravity will change. Finally, if you go through the form portals, you will become a ship, UFO, ball, or spider.

The maps in Geometry Dash Breeze

The most unique thing about this game is its game maps. This game has a total of 3 levels and each level has a distinct game map.

  • Over The Clouds: The map in this level is inspired by the game Flappy Bird. Therefore, you can see many green chimneys and a giant yellow bird along the way. It is possible to say that the map at this level is really colorful.
  • Into The Zone: The map in this level is full of lava pools and dragons. Moreover, the dragon wall will appear and chase after you while you are running to the finish line.
  • Ghost Ship: As its name suggests, this map is full of dragon ghosts.