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Pixel Shooter

The overview of Pixel Shooter

The gameplay

Pixel Shooter is an ultimate shooting game with characters from the Pixel world. You will participate in matches and try to defeat dangerous opponents.

This game will bring you new experiences. If you want to participate in endless gunfights, you can join this game. You will have to fight to survive. Defeat others to win.

In the game, you will use cutting-edge guns to fight. Aim and shoot accuracy to eliminate them. You need to complete the task quickly.

In addition, you also need to control your character skillfully to hide. Dangerous enemies are trying to find a way to eliminate your character. You need to take advantage of surrounding items to protect yourself.

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How to control

The WASD or the arrow keys to move.

The left mouse to shoot.

R to reload.

The modes of the game

There are two main modes. You can join one of the most engaging modes in each mode to unwind.

PK mode

The PK mode in the game is a thrilling addition to the game! PK stands for Player Killing, and it introduces a competitive and intense element to the gameplay. In PK mode, you have the opportunity to engage in direct combat with other players, testing their skills and strategies against real opponents.

  • Single Mode: You compete against other players in the game's single mode.
  • Team Mode: In team mode, you must cooperate with your colleagues to defeat the opposing squad.
  • Bomb Mode: In this game, dropping bombs on the enemy's territory will also result in victory.

Fight mode

The mode is exhilarating. In Fight mode, you can engage in intense and action-packed combat against various enemies, challenging their skills and reflexes.

  • Space Mode: The gravity is reduced because you are in space.
  • Flag Mode: To win, you must seize the rival flag and bring it to your house.
  • Frag Mode: In this mode, all players engage in combat.
  • Zombie Mode: In the zombie mode, you will come across a lot of them and must fend them off till the very end.

Some exceptional aspects of Pixel Shooter

The game's protagonists

There are many different heroes from which to choose. You choose one of them to play, which enables you to have more engaging game-playing experiences. But you have to spend your gems to get them. So, let's try to shoot lots of enemies to gather jewels.

The incredible skills

You need to have enough points to open up further skills. You can choose among enticing skills like speed, critical hit damage, invincibility, and health. Your character will get stronger as they progress. You can thus defeat every adversary in the game.