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Super Star Car

Start your driver career in Super Star Car

Are you ready for F1 races in Super Star Car? Race with the other 8 racers to complete four laps in the shortest time and earn as many stars as possible.

Your races

If you want to prove that you are the F1 racing superstar, you should try playing this game now. This game was created by Barnzmu in April 2021. In this game, you need to drive your F1 car to race with the other 8 racers. Your objective is to complete four laps to finish the race. However, if you want to join another race, you must be one of the three fastest racers who can finish 4 laps in the shortest time. Meeting this goal is not as easy as it sounds. It requires your driving and drifting skills. You must keep your car in the center of the racetrack at all times. Remember that when your car goes off the racetrack, you can press the spacebar to respawn its position. Moreover, going through corners of the racetrack is a chance for you to overtake your rivals. Accelerate your speed to go faster than your. There is a leaderboard at the left of the screen. This leaderboard only shows the names and ranks of the top three racers. Try to be in the top 3 and win the race to earn as many stars and as much money as possible.

Actually, this game features both the first-person perspective and the third-person perspective. You can change your camera view freely. I really recommend the first-person perspective because it can bring the most immersive playing experience. However, if you want to see everything around your car, you can use the third-person perspective.


Press a W or up arrow to accelerate.

Press AD or left and right arrow keys to steer.

Press C to change the camera view.

Press the Spacebar to respawn position.

Note: You can use the game controller to play this game.

Dominant features of Super Star Car

Various maps

This game offers 14 game maps corresponding to 14 levels. They are Lansdowne Circuit, Motukarara Circuit, and so on. You must participate in F1 races on these maps. These maps have distinct terrain. Try to get a victory in a previous F1 race in this map to unlock the next map. After winning all races and conquering all racetracks in all game maps, you will become the best F1 racer in this game. Then, I want to introduce you to take part in other races in other driving games on Online Games. They are really interesting and simple to control.

Customize your car

Unlocking the new maps will help you to unlock a new F1 racing car. There are a total of nine Formula 1 racing cars. They are designed based on racing car models from famous brands. Each car has a distinct color and design. After buying your favorite car, you can use your money or star to customize it. Let's make your F1 car become more impressive than other cars.