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Bacon May Die

Join pig's dangerous journey in this game

Bacon May Die is a fighting game with fun cartoon graphics. A pig will face an army of gray wolves. You will help it take down wolves and monsters in this game.

Gray wolf army

The gray wolves wanted to eat the pig. So, he has to fight against them. Your pig will be equipped with the most powerful weapons. The gray wolf army also has other animals and monsters such as wolves, hedgehogs, skeletons, etc. They will constantly look for the pig to attack to take him down. More and more powerful animals will appear in the gray wolf army. In addition, you can also meet bosses when you move to the end of the path.

Many unique skins

You can change your pig's outfit. The costumes are designed to be very fun. There are some costumes that will make you laugh. Not only clothes, you can also change hats and glasses for your character. You can also change to different weapons. They can be pestles, cacti, etc. You need enough coins to be able to change to new skins and weapons. Some of them can be unlocked after watching a short ad. You also can see many other unique skins in Online Games.

Destroy all foes in Bacon May Die

Your opponents can appear from either the left or right sides. Sometimes, they will appear from both sides at the same time. You need to make sure they cannot attack your character.

Attack both sides

Close-range weapons such as runners, hammers, cactus, etc. can attack enemies continuously. You just need to navigate and hit continuously to attack the enemy. You can also use guns to hurt enemies from afar. Additionally, close-range weapons can block enemy bullets. Don't let any enemies or bullets approach your character.

Hire more companions

In levels, you can hire other small animals. They will join your journey in one stage. These small animals can be penguins or chickens. They can also attack your enemies. However, the pain these animals cause is not much. Therefore, you will still be the one causing the main damage. You need 10 apples to rent this animal.

Experience the different modes of Bacon May Die

There are 4 modes in this fighting game. In survival mode, you will pass 3 stages including forest, dungeon and snow place. Your character will have 100 HP. Each time you are attacked, your HP will decrease. When HP drops to 0, the game will end. Each stage has a final boss. Let's destroy them. In 1 HP mode, you will only have 1 HP. If you get hit by an enemy once, you lose. Blast mode is where you fight with many opponents. Finally, you can join the battle with one more friend in co-op mode. Hope you have a good time with this game.