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Bike Attack

Bike Attack is a high-speed motorbike racing game and you will have to compete with many other riders. You need to avoid them to get ahead in this game.

Join the endless race in Bike Attack

Different from regular racing games, you will have the opportunity to challenge your limits in this game. You will join a road that has no end. Your goal is to move as far as possible. See how far you can go and where your limits are. Of course, the road you have to take is never smooth. There will be challenges and obstacles along the way. Reacting quickly and at the right time is the key to overcoming these difficulties. It will only take you a few seconds to get used to the controls, but it will take you a lot of time to achieve a high score.

How to score high in Bike Attack

Coming to this game, your mission is to score as high as possible. The distance you travel is proportional to the number of points you gain. This means the farther you go, the higher your score.

Overcome your competitors

You are not the only rider on the track. There are many other riders traveling on the same road. This has made the road become crowded and cramped. You will easily crash into opponents and this will cause your motorbike to be damaged. You should avoid collisions with other riders. Each time you collide, you will lose one chance while in total you only have 3 chances. You can steer your motorbike to other lanes to avoid opponents.

Avoid diesel oil on the road

The track is divided into 3 lanes and you can switch between lanes. Sometimes, you will see black puddles of diesel oil on the road. At this point, change lanes to avoid them. Going through these pools is like crashing into other cars. This will cause you to lose an opportunity. When you run out of chances, you will lose this game. So, keep an eye out for black puddles.

Some difficulties you have to face in Bike Attack

  • First, the character's speed will be a concern. The character will automatically drive forward. He will only move forward if you don't direct him. Speeding too fast will leave you with no time to observe everything. You must react quickly to avoid collisions or going through black puddles.
  • The number of other racers on the track is very large. In addition, some riders suddenly change lanes when you approach them. This will increase the odds of a collision with your motorcycle.

Game control: use the up and down arrow to switch lanes. For more fun games, Online Games are always here.