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Billiards 8 Ball

Welcome to Billiards 8 Ball

Billiards 8 Ball is a classic pool game. When joining the game, you can showcase your skills, strategy, and precision on the billiards table.

The gameplay

To win a game of Billiards 8 Ball, you must first pocket every ball in your designated group before potting the final eight balls. The individual or group that completes this assignment first and successfully is crowned the winner.

You use the cue stick to hit the cue ball and try to put the object ball in the pocket. Before each shot, the player must select a target ball and aim at it with the cue ball. You need to try to complete the task first. You can become the winner if you complete the task quickly. Please follow the instructions to know the specific tasks.

There are many ways you can put the balls in your pocket. You need to show your talent when playing this game. It requires careful observation and accurate aiming before hitting. You can lose if you make any small mistake. Can your ingenuity help you in this game? Good luck.


The way to put the ball into the pockets is very simple. You just need to use the mouse to control the cue stick. You will hit the cue ball, then they will collide with other balls and push them into pockets. You need to aim correctly to avoid any mistakes. Aim lines will appear. You can take advantage of them to put as many balls into your pocket as possible. In addition, you also need to control the force of hitting the ball. You can pay attention to the bar in the bottom right corner which shows your force to hit the ball. Release your hands when they point to the force you desire. As a result, the cue ball will be hit in the direction and force you desire. You can enjoy other pool games in Online Games. They are available for you.

The missions of two modes in Billiards 8 Ball

Player Vs Timer

In this mode, you need to put all the balls into the pockets within the specified time. 30 minutes is your limit time to complete this task. You can choose any group of balls. You do not need to distinguish between balls without strips and balls with strips. Remember that you can pocket any ball except number 8. It must be pocketed last. If you hit them, you may lose. This rule makes the game mode more difficult.

Player Vs Player

If you want to participate in a billiard match with another person, you should choose this mode. You are allowed to join the game with one other person. You will play in turns. You can lose your turn if you pocket the cue ball. Additionally, you need to put your ball in the correct pockets. They are divided into two groups of balls. If you are player 1, put the balls with strips in your pocket. And vice versa.

This mode will create thrilling matches for you. The champion will be determined with better achievements.