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Block Craft 3D

What is Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a simple block based city building game. You need to try to build all the structures you want, get experience points, and earn money.

The simulation game with familiar pixel graphics is quite similar to Minecraft. The game allows you to be from God's perspective, able to create everything you want in the available, unlimited space. In the game, your job is to build buildings from houses to gardens, a small house or luxury villa, an entire dream city,... with available resources. When you earn money, you can expand the scale of your projects and make them more beautiful and unique.

The outstanding advantage of an open-world game is great freedom, playing the game any way you want. If you want quick success in Block Craft 3D, it is essential that you master the tips and tricks. Come on and experience other games in Online Games.

Build your own area with available materials and materials. After you build structures, you will receive points and money. You use them to continue building or upgrading your buildings. Once you have developed the buildings to a certain level, you need to be alert to make reasonable choices. The first is to continue upgrading existing works in terms of scale, number of floors, and decoration. Second, be ready to destroy and rebuild because the game has unlimited options as long as you have enough resources. Normally, people will choose to destroy the old one and build a new one to create a new feeling and upgrade the game. Unlike Minecraft games, you will not need to invade or confront any enemies. Your world is quite peaceful and gentle. You just enjoy your life.


WASD or the mouse to move.

The spacebar to jump.

The left and right click to mine or place the items.

1-9 to select item slots.

T to throw items.

C to add tree.

Ctrl S to save.

Ctrl L to load.

ESC to pause the game.

Some features of Block Craft 3D

Distinct blocky graphics

Although it is not the first game to use blocks to create structures, the aesthetics are still quite well-liked and the gameplay still offers something fresh while staying straightforward.

Bright hues can be found in the game

The blocks are brilliant, eye-catching colors, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment. Visible elements include vivid colors with a primary blue tone. Block Craft 3D allows users to move construction blocks by gently touching and swiping on a phone or computer screen.

The unlimited creativity in the game

As soon as you begin playing, the game gives you the freedom to express your creativity as you like. Create a foundation, a house with a standard or unique design, furniture, plants, etc. from fundamental shapes.

The game will train players to think creatively, respond quickly to color changes, and design new designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Additionally, the game has no set finish, allowing you to play it anytime you want without ending.