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Bloxd io

The description of Bloxd io

Invite your friend to play the game Bloxd io now. Featuring many game modes and maps, this game requires to shoot down enemies and build your own world.

Choose your favorite game mode

It is possible to say that this is one of the most interesting IO games on Online Games because this game features many game modes. Here is a list of playable game modes in this game.

  • Survival mode: This game mode offers an endless fight. In this fight, your rivals will be the players on the map. You must find them and assassinate them before they do that with you. Note that you can stand in the high place to find your opponents more easily. Your objective is to become an ultimate survivor.
  • Peaceful Mode: As its name suggests, this game mode will offer a peaceful life. You are not allowed to attack your rivals. Instead, all you need to do is to collect resources around the map and build your house. It is possible to say that this is the easiest game mode in this game.
  • Creative Mode: This game mode is designed to help the players free their creativity. This game mode allows you to construct beautiful buildings.
  • Bed Wars Mode: In this game mode, you can participate in the fight between you and other players. Moreover, all players in this mode also become super small.
  • One Block: At the start of the game mode, you will stand on a lonely block. You must build new blocks around the available blocks. This helps to extend your territory.
  • This game mode will take you to a village named Greenville. In this village, you are provided a house with no facilities. To get more facilities like beds, tables, chairs, and so on, you must work to earn money. Let's harvest as much wheat as possible and sell them to earn money.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use the N key to customize your character.

Use a B key to open the shop

Use a Tab key to open your inventory.

Use a T key to open the chat box

Click the left mouse button to destroy blocks.

Click the right mouse button to place blocks.

Use the number keys to change the blocks or tools.

Click the right mouse button or an E key to eat food.

Use the M key to open the task list.

Play mini-games in Bloxd io

Original mini-games

Like, this game also features multiplayer. Therefore, you can invite your friends to play mini-games in this game now.

  • CubeWarfare: This is a shooting battle in which you and your teammates must use the guns to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Remember to purchase more powerful guns in the shop or upgrade your health and speed.
  • Evil Tower: This is a parkour competition in which you and other players must compete to climb to the top of the evil tower. Note that the time is limited. Therefore, you must be quick to reach the highest floor of this tower. Besides, you are allowed to use the knife to assassinate other players to stop them from climbing on a higher floor.s
  • DoodleCube: If you are interested in constructing, you should join this mini-game. In this mini-game, you and other players will be offered the same topic. Within a limited time, you must complete your construction based on the offered topic. When the time is over, you and the other players will start to vote for each other. The one with the most votes will become the winner.
  • BloxdHop: In this mini-game, your destination is an island. There are many platforms that are scattered from the starting point to this island. You and other players must jump on these platforms to reach the island. Keep in mind that falling off the platform will force you back to the starting point. Be careful!

The latest mini-games

In 2023, the developer updated two new mini-games which attracted many players in the gaming community.

  • Hide And Seek: The first one is Hide And Seek. In this mini-game, you will play as a hider or a seeker. If you are a hider, your mission is to hide until the time is over. To avoid the notice of the seeker, you can completely transform into a block and stay in a secret place. In contrast, if you are a seeker, you must run around and find all the hiders within a limited time. When figuring out the hiders, you can use your weapons to attack them to transform them into the seekers.
  • Murder Mystery: This mini-game allows you to take two roles. If you become an Innocent, you must try to stay away from the Killer and survive as long as possible. Contrarily, if you are the Killer, you must pretend to be Innocent and murder other players without getting caught. Try to assassinate as many Innocents as possible to gain a victory when the time is over.