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Boxing Random

Become a boxer in this game

Boxing Random offers a chance for you to join the boxing competition. Your opponent is waiting for you. Can you defeat this strong boxing athlete?

Compete in the different rings

This game always changes the background after a round. You may compete in the snow field, beach, etc. With the diversity of backgrounds, I think that you won't be bored. Moreover, the character also changes after a round. You can recognize your character because he also has some blue boxing gloves. Are you ready to experience this fun game? It's time to show off your boxing skills.

Gain 5 points before your foe can do

To win this game, you will join many different rounds of the tournament. After you win a round, you're going to get 1 point. Until you own 5 points, you can get the final victory. You only have a certain time in each round. If you can beat the opponent, that round is a draw. Of course, no one can receive points in a draw. I believe that you can become the champion in all tournaments.

How to beat the opponent in Boxing Random

You need to punch on the opponent's face to beat them. Of course, the opponents also try to hit your character's head. The difficulty of this game is you can't move the character as you want. You can only control the character to throw fists continuously.

Some special skills of the characters

All characters do not only punch, they also use some other attack. At some levels, the boxers own an iron boxing glove which is used as a bullet. You can shoot this glove to the opponent. You only can do this one time because you only have one iron glove. Therefore, it's better to aim and shoot the enemy accurately. Besides, the arms of boxers can lengthen. With long arms, punches are more powerful and quick. Don't get excited too early because your opponents will also possess the same skills as you. Let's be clever to avoid these attacks.

Strategy to win

The head of each boxer is their weakness and your character is too. Thus, protecting the character's head is very important. Let's ensure your boxer's head stays away from the opponent's punch. Don't let the character be under the foe! It's better for you to be active. Press the up arrow continuously to attack continuously. However, you also can choose the right time to punch the opponent. This activity requires your skillful control and estimating skills.

Invite your friends to play Boxing Random

This game has two modes which are 1-player and 2-player modes. You will fight the CPU if you choose the 1-player mode. When you try 2-player mode, your friend will become your opponent. You play on the same device. Who will be the final champion in this game? This fun game can be played at any time and anywhere as long as your device connects to the Internet. With retro graphics, I hope you and your friends have the best time together. You and your friends also can enjoy other 2 player games like Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple.

Game control

  • Player 1: press the up arrow
  • Player 2: press the W key.