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Down The Hill

How to play Down The Hill

Avoid some dangers in the game

Down The Hill brings a thrilling journey of a charming character. You need to try your best to go down the hill quickly without any accidents.

To be honest, going down the hill is not as easy as you imagine. If you just think that going down hills requires effort and attention, you're wrong. You must exercise caution to avoid making any blunders. A small mistake can be costly. Your character may lose his life. In this game, you will control a cute character driving a scooter.

While going down the hill, you need to avoid obstacles. This is a special hill. It is made up of many pixel blocks. You need to control your character to overcome dangerous blocks. These include cracked blocks. They can collapse at any time. Some blocks contain hidden spikes. If your character crashes into them, you will have to stop playing. You need to wait for them to disappear before you can pass through. However, you can't wait too long because the hill behind you is gradually collapsing. If you don't go faster than the hill falls, you lose. Some blocks contain lava. You will surely know about their danger. The blocks that form a waterfall are also extremely dangerous. The water will wash away or drown your character. Vehicle blocks do not allow you to enter. If you are agile, you can overcome them. If you are unlucky, a crazy collision will happen.

The game still has many other obstacles and dangers. To advance as far as possible, you must use caution. Your score will increase when you pass a block successfully. In Online Games, you also can join many kinds of games with Pixel World.

Controls the character

To control the character down the hill, you just need to use the right or left arrow keys to avoid dangerous blocks. You need fast reaction speed to avoid them.

How to win Down The Hill

Move quickly

You will experience failures when you are new. Dangerous traps force you to replay the game many times. However, you will gradually master the game. Your movement speed is also faster. You need to practice to be able to go further in the future. You also need to be careful because, with one wrong move, you will have to replay the game. Don't be afraid if you lose many times. You will play better next time.

Another small tip for you is to practice the ability to press keys with both hands. It would be better if you use two hands simultaneously to control your character. It also helps both hemispheres of your brain function better.

Collect some beneficial items

The diamonds are accessible on the hill. You will have more opportunities to exchange for other pretty personalities the more gems you amass. In addition, available are the hearts. When your character encounters threats, they will aid in their survival. To be able to advance as far as you can, don't miss them. To help your character roll down the hill, you should act quickly.