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Drive Mad

The principle of Drive Mad

Show off your driving skills by embarking on thrilling car races in Drive Mad now. Race on stunt tracks and attempt to reach the finish line safely.

Join the races

This interesting racing game invites you to participate in exciting car races. In each race, you must drive a car to reach the finish line. However, it may be hard for you to complete this objective because you can encounter many dangers along the way to the finish line. You must drive the car at a slow speed to evade these dangers. Besides, because the racetrack is built on a river. Falling into the water can make you lose the race. Therefore, you should try not to fall into the water. In addition, when going through rope bridges, slopes, or ramps, you should try not to flip the car. If you fail, you can click the retry button to try it again.

Try various cars

Besides the change of the racetrack, the cars in this game also change when you move to a higher level. Specifically, you can have a chance to drive many kinds of cars such as trucks, limos, taxis, small cars, monster trucks, coupes, rocket cars, and so on. You should consider their features when driving them. For example, the limo car is too long, so you can find it hard to drive it onto the slopes. Or the rocket car can run very fast. Therefore, you should not accelerate the speed when driving it to prevent the car from flipping or falling off the track. Or the monster truck has big wheels, which prevents the car from jumping far.


Hold the left mouse button or a right arrow key to drive the car to go forward.

Press a left arrow key or down arrow key to go backward or stop.

Conquer all levels in Drive Mad

This game attracted millions of players from all over the world and is considered to be one of the great games in Online Games. One impressive thing about this game is its number of levels. There are up to 100 levels in this game. Each level has a distinct topic, feature, car, and racetrack. Let me take some examples. At level 4, you must go through a ramp before getting to the finish line. At level 7, the wheel of the car is square, which challenges your driving skill. Drive the car slowly to avoid flipping. At level 9, you must go through slippery slopes. You must control the car at a slow speed to avoid flipping. At level 14, the racetrack is full of snowballs. You must smash all snowballs to reach the finish line. In a nutshell, all levels in this game are fairly difficult. However, I believe you believe you can beat all levels easily.