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Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover gives you the task of turning an ugly girl into a beautiful one. You need a long process to see the transformation of the main character.

Every girl wants to become beautiful. In this game, our main character is a girl with an unattractive appearance. She has acne on her face, rotten teeth and unflattering clothes. Because of her unattractive appearance, she became more self-conscious. Please help him change and become more confident. This game breaks the change process into several steps. However, I will group them into two main steps: improving body and beautifying.

Deal with girl problems in Extreme Makeover

This girl has an unattractive appearance with rough skin and rotten teeth. You need to improve the above points so that girls can have natural beauty. Let's see what those steps are.

Treat tooth decay

Cavities are not only painful and negatively affect appearance. You will use the machines in the dental clinic to help the girl. Use them to treat decayed teeth. Furthermore, you will implant dentures after removing some of her decayed teeth. Finally, use the teeth whitening device.

Makes the girl's skin smooth

You will apply masks on the face to make the girl's skin smoother. There are even devices that help make the face slimmer. Special devices for treating acne on the face are also used. Don't forget the skin on your body. You will take care of the girl's skin according to the game's instructions. Furthermore, you will also be given instructions to help the girl exercise and have a healthy body.

Beautify the girl in Extreme Makeover

Color the nails and style the hair

Girls almost need to take care of their hands and color them with beautiful colors. After that, you can choose accessories such as watches and rings to wear on your hand. Next, you need to choose a hairstyle that suits the character. Don't forget to shampoo and condition your hair before styling. Each step will be specifically guided when you participate in this game.

Makeup for girl

You can see many makeup items on the screen. Your task is to choose eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick color for the main character. Furthermore, you can also change the color of the character's eyes.

Choose outfits and accessories

Finally, you will move to a place filled with beautiful outfits. Do you like colorful trousers or graceful evening dresses? All of them will appear in this game's locker. High heels with different designs also appear in the wardrobe. Don't forget the beautiful handbags.

When you complete your mission in this game, you can help other girls in Cruise Vacation. I'm sure that you're busier in this game because you have to make up for four girls.