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Get on Top

Join Stickmen's wrestling matches

Get on Top brings a simple rule for every player who needs to beat the other. You just need to be on top of the opponent to get the victory in this game.

The simple graphics

When experiencing this game, I was surprised that the graphics are really simple. The background is only black and the stickmen are designed with neon colors. Therefore, the characters are always outstanding. The color of the character changes continuously when you move to the next round. The simple graphics also provide some advantages such as reducing the lag and game load time.

Two modes in this game

You can choose 1-player or 2-player in this game. Pro players are familiar with two modes. The 1-player mode requires you to wrestle with the CPU. The 2-player mode allows you to compete with another who can be your friend or family member. Speed and cleverness are two keys to success in this game.

How to play Get on Top

With the simple control, you think this game is easy to master. You won't change your view after trying this game. The character movement is unpredictable and you can't control them as you like. These movements make the game more difficult and interesting.

Press the opponent down

The arms of the two characters connect together. They don't move until you control them. Keep your character balanced and try to press the opponent down. You should be active in all situations. As soon as your character leans close to the ground, you must immediately help him to his feet. The closer to the ground, the more dangerous your character is. As soon as the stickman touches the ground, his head is destroyed.

Gain 11 points to win

You can follow your points or your opponent's on the corner of the screen. If your opponent reaches 11 points before you can do it, she or he will get the final victory. A victory in each round gives the winner 1 point. So, you must win 11 rounds in this game. You don't need to take too much time in one round. A round may last for some seconds if you have the skill.

Some tactics to make Get on Top easier

  • If you play in 2-player mode, it's better to play on a device with a big screen. Two players must control the characters on the same device. If you just play on a smartphone, it's hard to control and follow the characters.
  • Control right from the start is quite important so you can control every situation. If you control faster than your opponent at the start, you can even end the round right away.
  • To control the left character, let's use WASD while you need to use arrow keys to control the right character.