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Jewel Academy

Explore Jewel Academy

Unlock 440 levels

Jewel Academy allows you to explore the academy by passing all levels. In the game, you need to complete challenging targets to advance to the next level.

The game has more than 400 levels. Their difficulty will gradually increase. Each level will have different goals. Completing them is the only way you can move to another level. Your goal may be to achieve the required score without using up all the moves, which means your number of moves is limited. You need to make wise moves if you want to win. In addition, other targets are also very interesting. For example, you need to break bricks to complete your responsibilities. There will be a few levels that require you to achieve the required score within a limited time.

Can you unlock all 440 levels in this game? Check your level through this game. You will train your searching ability and reaction speed. Try to match three or more gems to meet the target. Why don't you join Online Games where you can pass many levels in the best games?

Go around the academy

This wonderful academy holds many interesting things. The more levels you open, the deeper you go into the academy. You will explore every corner of the academy. Let's see what's in store for this wonderful academy.

Some special gems in Jewel Academy

The pockets

If you move and match four identical gems, you can get a pocket. If you match pockets, you can eliminate a horizontal or vertical row. You can get more points. As a result, you can move to the next one.

The potion

If you can match five or six identical gems, you will get potions or colorful potions. They will remove gems in a certain area. It will bring you great benefits when playing games. You should try your best to win.