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Om Nom Bounce

The attraction of Om Nom Bounce

The gameplay

Om Nom Bounce is a game that features the lovable character Om Nom from the popular Cut the Rope series. Join a bouncing journey filled with fun and challenges.

In the game, yer goal is to guide Om Nom through a series of levels by bouncin' him off various platforms and obstacles. Ye must aim carefully and time yer bounces just right to reach the target and collect as many stars as ye can along the way.

The game's mechanics revolve around the physics of bouncing'. Each platform or obstacle has a unique property, causing Om Nom to bounce in different directions or with varying levels of force. You need to understand these mechanics and use them to your advantage to navigate through the levels.

How to fire

Use the mouse to aim.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Some features of Om Nom Bounce

Purchase some power-ups

To aid you on your bouncin' quest, you'll come across various power-ups and boosters along the way. These special items can help you overcome obstacles, reach higher platforms, or enhance your bouncin' abilities. Use them wisely to gain an advantage and overcome tougher challenges.

There are numerous power-ups throughout the game, including chests. They contain undiscovered gifts. You can increase your life total or become a stronger character. More stars are attainable as well. Increase your character's attack frequency and strength by using that many stars.

Additionally, Om Nom has the ability to roll through the fields, deal tremendous damage, and then heal. It allows you to defeat every opponent in a line when used. You have three other uses, though. To complete the level, you must use them wisely.

Some hazardous enemies

  • Basic spiders: These are straightforward enemies to defeat. They can be destroyed with a single shot. However, the more opponents you have to deal with, the higher the level. Utilize them with caution.
  • Spray Paint: Fire a missile of paint once every wave. They deplete the health of your Om Nom. Prioritize getting rid of them first. As a result, you can be the final player left on the field.
  • Squire Spider: They are strong, healthy spiders. As a result of their protective helmets, you must fire repeatedly in order to defeat them.