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Plants vs Zombies: Original

The overview of Plants vs. Zombies: Original

Plants vs. Zombies: Original is a fantastic game for Halloween. You will defend your home from hordes of hungry zombies using an army of powerful plants.

As the sun rises, so do the undead! Your goal is to strategically plant an assortment of plants with unique abilities to protect your home from the incoming zombie invasion. From peashooters and sunflowers to cherry bombs and wall-nuts, each plant has its own special attack or defensive power.

Besides, the battle takes place across various locations, including your front yard, backyard, and even the rooftop. Each area presents its challenges and obstacles that you must overcome to defend your home successfully. Adapt your strategy to the environment and make use of the plants that work best in each area.

When playing the game, you must take caution. The zombie horde is relentless and diverse, with each type of zombie having its strengths and weaknesses. From the slow-moving, brainless zombies to the agile and acrobatic ones, you'll encounter a variety of undead foes that will test your defense skills. Be prepared for surprises, as new zombie types may appear as you progress through the game. If you love strategic games, you can enjoy Trap The Cat and Connect Dots.

How to defend the house in Plants vs. Zombies: Original

Your ultimate goal is to protect your home from the zombies and survive wave after wave of undead attacks. Strategize, adapt, and use your plants wisely to fend off the zombie horde. Can you withstand the relentless onslaught and keep your home safe from the brain-hungry invaders?

Collect sunlights and resources

The Sun is the key to planting and powering your defenses. Collect sunlight throughout the game to purchase and place plants strategically. Additionally, you'll earn coins and other resources by defeating zombies, which can be used to unlock new plants, upgrades, and special items to aid you in your battle against the undead.

Grow useful plants

Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts are excellent defensive plants that can provide a sturdy barrier against zombies. Use them to block the advance of stronger zombies or to create chokepoints, allowing your offensive plants to inflict more damage.

In addition, some plants work exceptionally well together, creating powerful synergies. For example, the Snow Pea can slow down zombies, allowing other plants like the Peashooter to deal more damage. Experiment with different plant combinations to find effective synergies that can help you overcome challenging waves of zombies.

Special abilities like the Cherry Bomb can clear large groups of zombies in an instant. Save them for situations when you are overwhelmed or when multiple zombies are closing in on your defenses. These abilities can be crucial in tight spots.