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The shooting fight in

Welcome to breathtaking shootouts in which is the hottest FPS shooting game. Do your best to defeat other robot shooters in the space station.

Various game modes

The fight between robots is taking place in the space station. Are you ready for this? You must choose your gun and choose your favorite game mode. Like, this game also has many game modes. Here is the list of playable game modes in this interesting game.

  • Team Control Point: As its name suggests, this game mode emphasizes teamwork skills when letting you play as a team. You must confront the members of the opposite team. Two teams must compete to earn the highest score by assassinating the enemies. Note that the time is limited, so try to cooperate with your teammates to earn many points before the time is over.
  • Capture The Flag: The second game mode is the Capture The Flag. Your goal in this game mode is to protect the flag of your team and steal the flag of the opposite team. Because you play as a team in this game mode, I suggest you should let a few members protect your team's flag. Meanwhile, the other ones sneak into the opposite team's basement and steal the flag.
  • Free For All: In this game mode, you must fight for survival alone. No one can help you. Instead, they will attack you with the aim of eliminating you from the arena.
  • Swat: The next game mode is to eliminate enough 15 enemies first to help your team become the winner. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to change your weapon in this game mode.
  • Shotty Snipes: In this game mode, you must use the snipe to battle with the rivals and protect your base.
  • Team Deathmatch: The final game mode is the Team Deathmatch mode which allows you to become the teammates of other players.


Use the WASD keys to move.

Use a 1 key to change the weapon.

Use a 2 key to use the equipment.

Use a 3 key to use the grapple

Use a Q key for a melee attack.

Use the Spacebar to jump.

Use the Left Shift to sprint.


The maps

In this game, you can join the fight in various maps. The map will be chosen at random. There are 6 game maps in this game. They are Snow Fall, Isolation, Element, Containment, Bloodmount, and Coastal. Note that each game map has a distinct terrain and feature. For example, in the Snow Fall map, you can see many high buildings covered in snow. In each building, there is a turret and portal. Entering the portal will help you teleport to another building. In the Isolation map, there are two bases. Each team will stay in each base which has a jeep and mech.

Various weapons

Before starting the fight, you need to choose your suitable weapon. This game offers many weapons such as Assault rifle, Combat rifle, Suppresion rifle, LMG, Shotgun, Grenade launcher, Pistol, Revolver, Double barrel, Mine, and so on. Each weapon has a distinct feature, so you must consider its feature before selecting it.