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Rocket Bot Royale

The tank battle in Rocket Bot Royale

Play Rocket Bot Royale to show off your driving and shooting skills. Play as a squad or fight against the rivals alone to earn many coins and gems.

Choose between many game modes

The most dominant feature of this game is the game modes. This game also has many playable game modes which are Solo, Squads, Blue Vs Red, Mine Mayhem, and Custom Match.

  • Solo: In this game mode, you will join the tank war alone. You must drive your tank to go around and destroy as many enemies' tanks as possible.
  • Squads: This game mode allows you to play as a squad with 3 or 4 members. You can invite your friends to join your squad. Then, your squad will be matched the the other 3 squads from all over the world. In the fight, you and the other members of your squad must cooperate to eliminate all tanks of the other squads in the arena.
  • Blue Vs Red: This game offers a fight between two teams including the blue team and the red team. When joining the fight in this game mode, you can be a member of the blue team or the red team. No matter which team you belong to, your ultimate mission is to defeat all members of the opposite team.
  • Mine Mayhem: In this game mode, the battle will be more thrilling because the arena is full of mines. If your tank goes through them, they will explode and it will be destroyed. Therefore, you must try to evade the mines in the arena and survive as long as you can.
  • Custom Match: This game mode allows you to create a match. You can decide that all players in this match will play as a solo or as a team. After creating the match, you can invite your friends to join it.

Select the game map

This game offers 39 game maps which have different features. They are Beaches, Castles, Caves, Cities, Deserts, Green Hills, Construction, Lava, Lake, Mars, Wood, Winter, and so on. You can choose one of them before entering the battle because they are available for gameplay. Note that you should select the map that will bring many advantages for you.


Press the WASD keys to move around.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Use the mouse to aim accurately.

More things you can do in Rocket Bot Royale

Join the season

In this game, you can use 200 gems to buy a Season Pass. This Season Pass can be used to unlock the season. In this season, you must complete many quests. After finishing these quests, you will receive many rewards such as coins, gems, parachutes, and tanks.

Visit the shop

In the shop, you can use your gems to purchase crates that contain many valuable rewards. Remember that the elite crate has more rewards than the basic crates. Moreover, the gems can be used to buy new tanks with different designs and colors. You also can purchase your favorite parachute and trail when visiting the shop. If you run out of gems, you can use the coins to exchange with more gems.