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Slope 3

Start a new run

Slope 3 is a popular game with easy gameplay. A ball moving from one platform to another needs your help. Control the ball to move as far as possible.

The background of this game is also quite special. You will see platforms everywhere. The ball will continuously move forward automatically. It cannot avoid obstacles or choose a safe path. This will be your mission. If the ball breaks or falls into space, the game will end immediately. Wishing you luck on this journey.

How to get the high score in Slope 3

This is an endless game, so you just need to get high scores. If your ball moves for a far distance, you'll get many scores. Your name even can appear on the leaderboard.

Anticipate and react to obstacles

Many obstacles are put on the way. It's better to anticipate and react to them. You can observe the incoming obstacles and make plans to move. The speed of the ball is faster and faster. Therefore, quick reflexes and timely adjustments will help you avoid the obstacles on the way.

Stay on the slope

The slopes sometimes are very narrow and curvature. You need to adjust the ball's movement to avoid sliding off. Be careful with the sharp turns or steep sections because they can cause an imbalance. By all costs, you need to keep the ball into the way as long as you can.

Some features of Slope 3

  • This game has a leaderboard which shows off the top players world wide. This increases the competitive nature of this game. From that, the players won't be bored.
  • You just need to use left or right arrows to navigate the ball. With this simple control, children also can play this game.
  • The ball has smooth movements which brings comfort to players. You also can experience the smooth movements of the unique characters in Fireboy And Watergirl 6 Fairy Tales.