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Soldiers Fury

Become a brave soldier in this game

Soldiers Fury has the main character as a soldier who single-handedly storms an enemy base. With his shooting skills, he took down many enemies along the way.

War takes place and you transform into a soldier in the war. You are tasked with destroying the enemy base. Alone you have to face many strong enemies. Move continuously to avoid being hit. Sometimes, you need to use some tricks to be able to kill many enemies at the same time. Are you ready for this shooting war? For more shooting games, you may like Shell Shockers Bad Egg.

How to destroy many enemies in Soldiers Fury

You are alone and you wonder how to destroy so many enemies. Of course, you must keep the character safe first and collect the necessary items. That way, you can move far.

Survive against enemies

The opposing soldiers will try to kill your character. Control him to dodge all types of bullets. You can see their flight trajectory and gently maneuver past them. This will be more difficult to accomplish the farther you travel. The number of bullets attacking you will also be greater. Always pay attention to the health bar on the right corner of the screen. If this health bar is depleted, your character will fall. In addition, don't let the character get stuck by barriers on the way.

Collect weapons and items

There will be mystery boxes along the way. You need to destroy them to get the items inside. Inside these boxes can be new weapons or some useful items. These new weapons have more destructive power than your original weapons. In addition, useful items such as magnets, blood bags, etc. will also help your journey. When the number of enemies is too large, you should take advantage of explosive barrels to defeat them. Shoot continuously at the explosive barrels to create widespread damage.