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Sonic EXE

General information of Sonic EXE

Are you ready for thrilling adventures with Dark Sonic in Sonic EXE? Let's traverse many lands and overcome dangerous obstacles and monsters.

This game emerged from the depths of the internet as a creepypasta, a form of online horror storytelling. Created by an anonymous author, the story revolves around a possessed version of Sonic the Hedgehog, who torments you through a demonic video game. This haunting narrative soon caught the attention of game enthusiasts, leading to the development of an actual game inspired by the creepypasta. What sets this game apart from traditional Sonic games is its exploration of horror and psychological terror. The game subverts your expectations, transforming the vibrant and fast-paced world of Sonic into a nightmarish realm filled with blood, distorted graphics, and eerie soundscapes. It challenges the notion of a safe and comforting gaming experience, instead offering a journey into the unknown where danger lurks at every turn.

*Note: Like Wario Land 4, this game also can be played by using the controller.

Addictive gameplay of Sonic EXE

The travel to wonderful lands

Like In this captivating game, you encounter a host of enemies such as armadiloids, motobugs, monkey dudes, cacti, and fireworms. A single accidental collision can lead to instant death, adding an element of urgency and tension to the gameplay. However, you have a means to protect yourself: collecting rings. These valuable items act as a shield, preventing immediate demise upon collision with enemies. The importance of gathering as many rings as possible becomes evident, as your depletion renders you vulnerable once again. Therefore, you must prioritize ring collection to ensure your longevity and increase your chances of success. Aside from rings, you can acquire power-ups from item boxes scattered along the path. These power-ups provide temporary advantages, aiding you in your journey. Whether it be shielding against opponent attacks or enhancing speed, these power-ups offer a strategic advantage. However, it is vital to note that their effects are short-lived, as you vanish upon collision with enemies. This aspect adds an element of strategic decision-making, compelling you to carefully consider the timing and usage of power-ups to maximize your benefits.


Use the Z or ENTER keys to start the game.

Use the Left - Right Arrow Keys to move

Use a Down Arrow Key to sit down

Use a Z or X key to jump

Hold the left mouse button to look up.