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Stickman Warriors

The storyline of Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors is a fun stickman game with brain teaser puzzles. The stickman character wants to escape from prison and needs your help to reach the exit.

The stickman was locked up in prison. This is a scary place so he is planning to escape from here. When escaping, two things will happen. He was able to escape successfully thanks to your help. However, if you cannot solve the puzzle, your character will be stuck. He will even have to stay in the hole forever. So if you want to help him, you need to have strategies and smart tricks. Stickman's journey to escape prison will bring you interesting experiences. Good luck.

The mechanics of Stickman Warriors

How to reach the exit

In the prison, there will be a large hole blocking the exit door. You have to find a way to keep your character from getting stuck in that hole. You need to use scissors and cut wooden blocks. They will create stairs or tools to help your character go through those big holes. You need to cut very skillfully to create the best path. Your character can escape easily.

When cutting wooden blocks, you can only use scissors three times. You are not allowed to cut more than three times. You need to use them properly to create perfect blocks.

Some tips

You should calculate the shape of the blocks in advance after cutting. You must ensure that your character can climb over them.

The shapes you cut must also fit into the holes. It will block the crater and ensure your character's safety. If you cut a block of wood too small, it will cause your character to fall.

The game allows you to think creatively. It also promotes your geometric thinking. Play this game now.