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Addictive gameplay of Terraria

Join Terraria to learn to survive in the wilderness. Finding resources, crafting tools, building houses, and battling with bosses are your missions.

Learn to survive in the wildland

In 2011, the gaming company Re-Logic developed this survival game with the aim of taking players to the fight for survival. Like other adventures on Online games, this game also offers a large wildland and many biomes. When entering it, you must try to survive as long as possible by gathering resources, constructing houses, and crafting tools. In addition, the world in the game also has day and night. At night, you will encounter more monsters who try to kill you. Therefore, stay at home to avoid the attacks of the monsters. Furthermore, while traversing many biomes, you need to battle with bosses such as Brain Of Cthulhu, Queen Bee, Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, Medusa, Plantera, Golem, Duke Fishron, Empress of Light, Deerclops, and Wall Of Flesh. Craft sharp weapons and use them to defeat the bosses in the game.


Use the Left-Right or A-D keys to move.

Use an Up Arrow Key to the Spacebar to jump or fly.

Click the left mouse button to attack, chop, or dig.

Use a C key to change the camera view.

Use an E key to open or close your inventory.

Use from 0-9 keys to select tools.

Use an H key to drink the potion

Use the R key to reset the game.

Use a K key to activate the creative mode

Relevant information about Terraria

All game modes

In this game, you are allowed to select between 7 game modes, which is similar to Bloxd io. You can choose Hard Mode, Expert Mode, Master Mode, Legendary Mode, Camera Mode, Lighting Mode, or Journey Mode. Note that you should consider the features of each game mode before choosing them.

  • Hard Mode: This is considered to be the easiest game mode in this game. In this game mode, you can explore two biomes and encounter weak bosses.
  • Expert Mode: The second one is more challenging, but you can get more valuable items in this game mode. To get these items, you must knock out stronger bosses whose health and power are doubled.
  • Master Mode: This game mode is only suitable for experienced players who have mastered all skills and want to create their own world. In this game mode, you can find exclusive items that can be used to take down powerful bosses.
  • Legendary Mode: The next game mode is Legendary Mode. In this game mode, everything will become more challenging, which prevents the players from surviving many days. Therefore, think carefully and prepare well before playing this game mode.

Dominant events

This game will impress you with many events. In these special events, special bosses will appear. If you can eliminate them, you will claim limited resources or items. There are up to 17 events in this game. Here are some dominant events you should remember.

  • Blood Moon: This event takes place at night from 7:30 PM to 4:30 AM. When the moon becomes red, zombies will appear. Moreover, bunnies, penguins, and goldfish will start to attack you. In this event, you can find the merchants to buy Throwing Knives or Arms Dealer to purchase Silver Bullets.
  • Lunar Event: In this event, you must battle with the Lunatic Cultist boss and four pillars including Nebula Pillar, Solar Pillar, Vortex Pillar, and Stardust Pillar. After murdering them, you can obtain unique items such as Solar Fragment, Nebula Fragment, Portal Gun, Meowmere, Star Wrath, and so on.