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Tower Swap

The highlights of Tower Swap

Tower Swap is a defense game combined with matching. You need to match the materials in the game to create weapons and armor to protect the castle.

The gameplay

In this game, you will face various challenges that will test your problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. Your castle is threatened by dragons. They can destroy your castle at any time, so the king needs your smart strategies to protect the castle. You need to eliminate the dragons and not allow them to advance towards the castle.

The gameplay revolves around swapping blocks to create complete towers. You'll have a grid filled with different colored blocks, and your task is to swap adjacent blocks to form towers of the same color. The towers must consist of at least three blocks vertically or horizontally. To succeed in the game, you need to think strategically. Plan your moves carefully, considering the colors and positions of the blocks on the grid. Look for opportunities to create chain reactions by swapping blocks in a way that triggers the formation of multiple towers at once.

Some kinds of towers in the game

In the game, you will encounter various kinds of towers that you need to create by swapping and arranging blocks and materials. You can build multiple bases and different types of defenses if you swap and match the same fuel blocks. There are four main types of defenses:

  • Bases: The base is placed in front of the castle and becomes the most powerful shield. It can shoot towards the dragons. It also helps prevent dragons from reaching the castle. You need to swap and match three identical rocks to create bases. You can upgrade your base by matching three bases.
  • Cannon: You will notice many bullets arranged in the grid. You need to match three bullets to create a cannon. Cannons can fire horizontally and eliminate multiple dragons. Please arrange their positions properly to be able to protect the castle.
  • Ice walls: Ice walls were built to keep dragons out. It will cause them to freeze in a short time. This is an opportunity for other weapons to destroy the dragon.
  • Crossbow bows: They allow you to shoot vertically across the grid. You can combine cannons and crossbows to create a great destruction machine.

Explore Tower Swap

Challenging Levels

The game typically offers a range of challenging levels with increasing difficulty. As you progress, you encounter obstacles such as locked blocks, limited moves, or special blocks with unique properties. Each level presents a new puzzle to solve, keeping the gameplay engaging and rewarding.

Achievements and Rewards

For finishing levels or achieving particular goals, the game frequently offers achievements or incentives. These can include gaining access to additional game types or levels, as well as earning in-game money, or customizing your character. To improve your gaming experience, work hard to accomplish these objectives and gather the rewards.


In Online Games, many games could have leaderboards or other competitive features that let you compare your development and performance to those of other players. Aim for high scores and engage in competition with friends or other players across the world to claim the top spot in the rankings.