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Traffic Jam 3D

Experience the crowded road

Traffic Jam 3D takes you into the world of speed where you have the opportunity to drive the most amazing cars. Show off your driving skills through game modes.

This is not a fantasy world without other cars. You will see many different cars moving continuously on the road. This is a busy road and needs your excellent driving skills. Don't collide with any cars on the way. Accidents will lead to your loss in this game.

Beautiful graphics

This is a simulation game designed with a realistic 3D style. The roads, trees, mirrors, cars are all very real. You can change the camera angle to feel the fun of driving. Drive in first or third person depending on your choice. Of course, with realistic graphics, it will take you some time to load the game. Please be patient to experience the best game.

Simple controls

Just like Drive Mad, you only need to use the arrow keys to control and navigate the car. Don't forget to use your headlights continuously so that other cars give way to you.

Choose one of the modes in Traffic Jam 3D

To satisfy every player's needs, this game offers four different game modes. They all have their own rules. However, what they have in common is safe driving.

Career mode

This is a mode with levels and you need to get to the end. The levels will become more and more difficult. You can improve your driving ability through these levels.

Infinite mode

This is an endless mode where you don't need to reach the final destination. The road is endless and you can even choose which path you will take. This is a good way for you to challenge your limits.

Time against

Time is limited and you need to try to move as far as possible. Therefore, the vehicle's speed needs to be increased when participating in this mode. However, safety still comes first.

Free mode

There are no specific missions in this mode. You just need to move forward quickly. Crashing hard into other cars also causes your car to be damaged. This is the mode for those who really want to relax.