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Vex 5

The playing rules of Vex 5

Brace yourself with new adventures in the fifth installment named Vex 5. Let's overcome many dangers to reach the checkpoints and the finish line to win.

How to complete a level

Big fans of the Vex series do not ignore this game. This is the new version of the Vex series in which you will engage in new adventures. Like Vex 3, this game also allows you to become a stickman who desires to adventure in wonderful places. As usual, your destinations are also mazes full of obstacles. These obstacles are spike traps, buzzsaws, pools, electronic chips, crumbling blocks, and so on. You should take caution with the spike traps and buzzsaws because they are movable. The crumbling blocks will drop as soon as you step on them. Therefore, you must jump as fast as possible before they fall. Moreover, when you jump into the pool, the amount of your oxygen will decrease gradually. As a result, you should swim up and jump into another place quickly if you do not want to die soon. While overcoming these obstacles, you should try to reach all checkpoints along the way. These checkpoints will save your progress, so you will reappear at them after hitting the obstacles. Finally, your ultimate goal is to reach a big red block. Sit down and touch this block to complete the level.

Complete all Acts

There are a total of 10 Acts in this game. The degree of difficulty will increase when you step into a new level. In particular, Act 10 is called Vex. This is the most difficult act in this game in which the positions of obstacles are trickier.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a down arrow key to slide down.

New things in Vex 5

The challenging room

The new thing that makes this game different from other versions like Vex 4 is the challenging room. This room has 30 floors. Each floor has a distinct series of obstacles. You will start from Floor 1 and try to reach Floor 30 within the shortest time. This challenging room is considered to be the most challenging level in this game because the obstacles appear frequently. You must utilize your quick reflexes and fingers to dodge all hazards and explore this challenging room now.

Earn trophies

This game features 10 trophies that you need to earn. Here they are:

  • Perfect: If you can complete any Act with a perfect ranking, you will get this trophy.
  • Gasping: You must surface from swimming with one bubble left if you want to earn this trophy.
  • Time Flies V2.0: You need to play this game for one hour to get this trophy.
  • Heads Up: If you get crushed by a pushable block, you will get this trophy.
  • Death Tycoon: This trophy will be unlocked if you die 100 times.
  • Olympian: Attempt to achieve Gold or better in every Act if you want to get this trophy.
  • Perfectionist: Do your best to achieve Perfect or better in every Act if you want to earn this trophy.
  • Astronomer: To get this trophy, you must collect every star in the game.
  • Challenger: You must explore 30 floors of the challenging room to get this trophy.
  • Winner: If you can complete every Act in the Challenge Mode, you will get this trophy.