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The principle of the game offers a fierce battle among many pirates on an island. You have to combat others to take the booty and survive the treacherous battle.

It is a swashbuckling multiplayer game where you find yourself marooned on a tropical island alongside other pirates. In this pirate battle royale, you must collect doubloons to grow bigger and stronger. Take down other players to plunder their booty and increase their own wealth. Remember that it is a fight for survival, so never give up!

While fighting pirates, you must remember that you can only take down those that are the same size as your character. You are forced to avoid larger characters. They can remove you from the game at any time. You must collect many coins and defeat many enemies to size up. Large chests can also help you. They contain many treasures and gold coins. Don't miss them.


You have multiple ways to control your pirate. If ye are using a mouse, move it to guide yer pirate and click to attack. If you prefer the keyboard, use the WASD or arrow keys to move and press SPACE to attack. On touch devices, you can drag with one finger to move and tap with a second finger to attack. Hold down the attack button longer to focus and unleash a mighty dash attack!

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Island of Tortuga

The game is set on the island of Tortuga, a tropical paradise filled with hidden treasures and dangers. Explore its shores, engage in battles, and claim your rightful place as the ruler of the seas!

Character customization

You have the option to choose your character pet, which adds a touch of personalization to your pirate. Keep in mind that your pet regenerates your health points at a rate of 10 per second. If you desire more customization, you can upgrade with 12345 doubloons.