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Combat Online

Join Combat Online

Let's start your shooting battles in Combat Online now. Your task is to eliminate your enemies in the shared arena and gain a high score and rank.

Choose the server and room

If you want to show off your shooting skills, this game is the right place for you. This interesting game allows you to play with many players from all over the world by selecting the servers. There are a total of three servers including North America, Europe, and Asia. Note that each server has a maximum of 500 players. Then, you must choose a random room on this server. Look at the game mode of the room before choosing it. Note that this game features two game modes.

  • Deathmatch: In this game mode, you must join the free-for-all shooting fight in which everyone is your enemy. You must try your best to become one of the last survivors in the arena. This fight may be challenging for you because you must battle without the assistance of other players.
  • Team Deathmatch: In this game mode, you and other shooters in the room will be divided into two teams that are the blue team and the red team. You and your teammates will join an endless fight.
  • Custom: If you choose the room with the Custom mode, you will not know which game mode you will play. The game mode will be selected at random after you join this room.

Create the map

When creating the room, you can choose between more than 1000 game maps with different terrains. These game maps include Death School, Warehouse, Wrestling, Crystal Lake, Locked Library, Modern Mansion, Lonely Castle, Clash Royale, Military Camp, Lost Town, and so on. If you do not want to choose the available game map, what about creating your own map? You can arrange the obstacles on your map and modify the terrains. After completing your map, you can publish it and invite other players to enter your map.

The thrilling shooting fight

In the fight, you are equipped with many weapons such as a knife, guns, and grenades. You must use these weapons to eliminate other shooters in the arena. You must aim accurately to shoot down your rivals with one shot. Moreover, because other players will also attack you, you should find a way to protect you from their attacks. I suggest you should run while shooting to avoid getting hit. The arena is full of obstacles, so you should jump as high as possible to evade these dangerous obstacles. In addition, if you use a sniper rifle, you should stand in a high place and murder other shooters from a far distance. Remember that your goal is to win the fight to earn as many coins as possible because the coins are really important. Your coins can be used to purchase new guns or ammo in the shop. Moreover, you should join the clan and complete the clan's missions to earn more coins. The shooters in the same clan can assist each other in defeating enemies. Like, this game also features the first-person perspective, so it promises to bring the most immersive playing experience. Try it out!


Use WASD keys to move

Use the Spacebar to jump

Hold the right mouse button to aim.

Use the left mouse button to shoot.

Use a Q key to switch the weapon.

Use the Tab key to open the scoreboard.

Use a C key to crouch.

Use the Shift key to sprint.