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Cubes 2048

Join Cubes 2048

What about participating in an exciting snake battle in Cubes 2048 now? Dominate the arena by becoming the biggest snake with the highest number.

Compete with other snakes

This game is not a normal snake game like Instead, it is a perfect combination of the snake game and the 2048 game. It means that you also need to take control of a little snake to join the hunt for food. However, this snake is made from many cubes. These cubes are numbered. The snake with the higher number can attack and murder the one with the lower number. Therefore, your food in this game is the cubes that are scattered around the arena. After consuming these cubes, the snake will become bigger and have a higher number. You must try to guide your snake to eat as many cubes as possible to become the biggest snake in the arena and get a high rank on the leaderboard. This leaderboard shows the names and ranks of five players including you. Therefore, if you want to know what is your rank, you should look at this leaderboard at the top right of the screen. Besides, when you are chased by other snakes in the arena, you can hold the spacebar button to raise the speed. However, your speed just increases within 5 seconds. After the speed bar is empty, your snake will crawl at a normal speed. Moreover, you cannot raise the speed constantly. Therefore, just accelerate the speed when necessary.

Utilize the power-ups

In the arena, there are many tiles which are speed tiles, 2x multiplier tiles, and division tiles. If your snake crawls through the speed tiles, its speed will pick up dramatically. This helps it to escape from the opponents or collect the cubes faster. If your snake goes through the 2x multiplier tile, its number will be doubled and it will become a bigger snake. Finally, if your snake goes through the division tile, its number will be divided and it will become a smaller snake. Therefore, I advise you to take control of your snake to evade the division tile at all costs and try to go through the speed tile and 2x multiplier tile.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the snake to move around.

Hold the left mouse button to increase the speed.

Invite your friend to play Cubes 2048

Like Sushi Party, this game also features multiplayer. Therefore, you can play this game with many players from all over the world. This game allows you and other players to play in the shared arena, so it is an opportunity to show off your skills and make new friends. Moreover, if you want to have fun with your friends, you can send the link to your friends and invite them to play the game with you. You and your friends can play as a team and assist each other in attacking other snakes in the arena. Otherwise, you and your friends can play as opponents and compete with each other. Anyway, play the game to have moments of entertainment after a hard-working day.