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Skibidi Toilet IO

A battle of the Skibidi Toilets

Skibidi Toilet IO has organized a war of monster toilets. You will move and try to push your opponents off the platforms. You are also careful to avoid falling.

In this game, camera men will not appear because it will be an internal war between Skibidi Toilets. They will be sent to a platform made from special pieces. There are no barriers around this platform, so it's easy to fall off it. You need to ensure the safety of your character.

Skibidi Toilet IO gameplay

This is a survival battle where you have to survive in the end. There will be many other players with the same goal as you. Therefore, conflicts can occur.

Keep the character always on the platforms

Your goal is to keep the character safe on the platform at all costs. Other Skibidi Toilets will try to push you down. Be skillful in avoiding and attacking them back. Being in the middle of the platforms is not a safe position forever because the pieces will gradually disappear. The position of the disappearing puzzle pieces is random. You can tell this when they are flashing.

Select game mode

This game has two modes: one player and two player mode. If you choose single-player mode, you need to fight alone with other opponents. However, the two-player mode allows you and one of your friends to participate in this battle. Two people can coordinate and support each other. Finally, let's see who's last on the platform. You also can join the 2 player mode in 8 Ball Billiards Classic where you can play billiards online.

Choose skins for your character

With a strange appearance, you can still choose skins for your character. These skins are all free so you just need to click on your favorite skins. These rich options make the game more attractive. Some skins can make you stronger.