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Slope Run

Conquer the slopes in this game

Slope Run is inspired by pipes in space. A ball is rolling in there and you need to help it avoid danger. The farther you move, the more points you get.

Running games like Slope 3 always have extremely attractive features for players. The controls are easy but it is very difficult to master this game. The winding slopes make it difficult for you in this game. There are still many difficulties waiting for you ahead. If you practice this game a lot, you will become a professional gamer.

How to play Slope Run

You will need to follow some steps to score high in this game.

Avoid dangers

Of course, no monsters appeared in the tunnel. However, you will need to avoid dangerous gaps. These gaps will directly cause your ball to fall into space. This will cause you to lose this game. Besides, some weak platforms are also dangerous traps. You should jump as soon as you touch these platforms because they will collapse with one touch.

Collect coins

Gold coins will appear on yellow platforms. To improve player experience and game difficulty, you can collect these gold coins. Additionally, your ball can change color if it passes through changing color platforms.

Game mode in Slope Run

You can choose infinite mode or mini-map mode. Infinite mode will provide an endless path. You will control the ball until it falls into the air. This mode will test your limits. In mini-map mode, you need to go to the end to pass the levels. After completing certain levels, you can unlock new planets. You will be amazed by the splendor of these planets. Let's choose your favorite mode and start the adventure.