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Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 is a relaxing game with retro graphics where you have to combat many opponents. Launch attacks that deal a lot of damage to defeat opponents!

Introduce Street Fighter 2

When it comes to other fighting games of the past, this game will always be featured. Until now, the Street Fighter game series has always been loved by many gamers. It can be said that this game is considered a legend in the fighting game world. You should also try this game once. The combat never ends when you continue to play Bacon May Die.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

This game offered a unique and strategic gameplay experience. You can launch a variety of special moves, combos, and super moves. You can combine them to create different playstyles and strategies. The "fireballs" and "dragon punches" became icons of the fighting game genre. The precise controls and responsive mechanics made the gameplay both accessible to newcomers and rewarding for seasoned players.

Bringing cultural features of many countries

The game had a significant impact on our cultures which doesn't stop at the game industry. The game's characters and moves became iconic showing the different cultures to the world. You can know the cultures through the costumes and scenery surrounding the characters. The character often mentioned is Tyu with the famous saying "Hadouken" which is still famous to this day.

How to beat the opponents in Street Fighter 2

You will participate in 3 rounds to win in the end. You need to monitor the health bar on the screen. If it runs out, you lose. Naturally, if the enemy runs out of health before you, you win. Each time you are attacked, your health wall will shorten a bit.

Learn about timing and Distance

Timing and distance are the important factors that affect your victory. Understanding the range and speed of your attacks, and your opponent's can help you be active in almost all situations. From that, you can know when you should attack or defend. To gain this skill, you should practice hard.

Master the character's moves

The game divides moves into two categories: basic and special. Before using special moves, it's better to focus on mastering the fundamentals. The basic moves are punches, kicks, and blocking. These basic moves can't cause as much damage as the special moves. Therefore, special moves can change the result of the combat. You should practice the special moves of your chosen character to become comfortable with their execution.

Game control

Movement: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character left or right, and to crouch or jump.

Punch Attack

  • Press the "A" key for a light punch
  • Press the "S" key medium punch
  • Press the "D" key heavy punch

Kick Attacks:

  • Press the "Z" key for a light kick
  • Press the "X" key for medium kick
  • Press the "C" key for a heavy kick.