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Vex 7

The playing rules of Vex 7

Vex 7 is the seventh edition of the Vex series featuring 9 Acts and a Vexation. Beat all acts by overcoming numerous dangers and explore the tower of terror.

Complete many levels

This game is the next version of Vex 6. In this game, you also need to join a thrilling adventure in 9 Acts. When entering the higher act, you will need to overcome more dangerous obstacles such as spikes, buzzsaws, electricity, and so on. Jumping, swimming, running, and sliding down are skills that you need to practice many times. If you can master these skills, I believe dodging all dangers is just a piece of cake. Moreover, you will be supported by some power-ups along the way. For example, you can jump on the slanted boards to jump higher. Besides, another mission in this game is to pick up all coins which appear along the way to the finish line. Just touch them to collect them. Besides 9 Acts, you also need to complete the most challenging level named Vexation. This level has more hazards, which requires you to use your quick reflexes and come up with strategies to complete it.

Explore the Tower Of Terror

If Vex 5 has a challenging room, this game does not have it. Instead, in this game, you will have a chance to explore the Tower of Terror. This tower is full of dangerous obstacles. When entering this tower, you need to overcome them to reach the top of the tower in the shortest time. In particular, whenever you enter this tower, you will appear in different places and encounter different obstacles. This will bring you a fresh playing experience.


Use the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to jump.

Use a down arrow key to slide down.

New things in Vex 7

Various skins

The latest update of this game is the collection of skins which surprises many fans of the Vex series. These skins are classified into five types including common skins, rare skins, legendary skins, epic skins, and mythic skins. There are 19 common skins which are really cheap. Fifteen skins are more impressive. Besides, you can use 150 coins to unlock 16 epic skins. Moreover, there are 23 legendary skins. Ultimately, there are 16 mythic skins. Note that the mythic skins can be purchased by the coins which are collected in the Tower of Terror.

Daily task

Unlike other versions, this game features many daily tasks. These tasks can be completed while playing this game. Moreover, these tasks are updated every day. There are hundreds of daily tasks. After finishing them, you can earn some trophies.