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Block Post

Join the fierce battle in Block Post

The game rules

Block Post is a great combination of FPS's first-person shooting style with unique Minecraft-style graphics. You will combat and defeat all to win.

The game possesses a huge arsenal of modern guns, which you can customize or upgrade to have deadly weapons in your hands that will terrify your opponents. The game even allows character customization with items purchased in the in-game store.

Not following the trendy Battle Royale direction like in Rules of Survival or Ring of Elysium, the game creates a classic but still attractive shooting environment. The game world is large with many buildings and details, you can move freely to find targets and eliminate them with accurate shots. On the battlefield there will be secret boxes, you just need to open them to enrich your arsenal.

If you are looking for a top shooting game then the game was released for you. You will control your character to participate in combat. You will transform into a pixel character. Your mission is to defeat others to become the last person standing in the playground. You need to be agile to avoid being attacked. Additionally, if you have a lot of gold coins, you can equip your character. You will limit the enemy's attack.

In Online Games, you can join many Minecraft games, such as Down The Hill and Block Craft 3D. You also can create your new world and enjoy it.

Way to control

WASD to move.

The left mouse button to shoot.

R to reload.

Z to exchange weapons.

ESC pause.

Some highlights of Block Post

Resource Gathering

To expand your building possibilities, you need to gather resources. Explore the world, mine blocks, and collect various materials, like wood, stone, and minerals. These resources will be essential in creating more intricate and elaborate structures.


In the game, you can personalize your character's appearance by choosing from a variety of skins and outfits. Express your individuality and stand out as you navigate the blocky landscape. These weapons can also be collected. They will help you prevail in battle. You can also use them to defeat all opponents.

Purchase the weapons

In the game, different weapons have unique characteristics and playstyles. Experiment with different weapons to find one that suits your preferences. Some weapons may be more accurate for long-range shooting, while others may excel in close-quarters combat.